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Come join the world of yaoi where wanton boys await to be ravished by other males. It's a delicious sight to behold so stay and enjoy the show.

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Makoto x Sousuke: Tokyo Men

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How about an AU where Ciel is a well paid hitman, and his next target would be Sebastian, but he would not be given iformation why. So he takes the job, and starts first to spy on Seb. He is known to first charm his victims before dealing a deadly blow,so he thought OK why not invite Sebs out for a date. The entire plan backfires when Ciel starts to more and more like his target, letting his always professional way be broken by this man. One night after they had dinner, and share their first kiss they get ambushed, seeming that the guy who hired him had enough of waiting. So since he kinda likes Sebastian a bit, and this was actually his job, he tells him to stay put and let him handle it…wanting not to hear the other male protest he turns to go out,only to have a gun pointed at him. The sound of a trigger being pulled and a bullet being fired fills the air………….the guy now with a hole down on ground. When he turns around his eyes widen ,Sebastian stands there holding a gun with icy cold eyes going all:” Seems like you need a hand or two…baby. You are not the only hitman here.”
It comes out that Sebs is just like him, but decited to retire which was not that good sounding for some people up on higher positions…so they sent a hitman to eliminate another. What happens then, how will Ciel react to the fact that Sebastian knew it all along, were all the nice days just a play and a big lie?


Sterek and Disney crossovers x) 

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Original:    by  Cadsu

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tropiest trope that ever troped


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Wedding photo :D

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Aomine: Now I see why you always jump first for fire related calls. Makoto, right?

Rin: Shut up, you never complain… since you get to see “Bakagami”. 

Kagami: Sorry Ahomine was such an ass, I’ll buy lunch, my treat. You like burgers?

Makoto: Ah, that’s okay! Rin was also a bit mean. And sure, thank you. 


Two things: one, rin and aomine are actually good friends, they just like to tease each other, and two, shirts? what shirts? we don’t need those here. 


needed to get this out of my system after todays episode

everyone needs a hug

sske and haru too

group hug for everyone