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Come join the world of yaoi where wanton boys await to be ravished by other males. It's a delicious sight to behold so stay and enjoy the show.

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whatever have a dp and spidey blatant fanservice dump idec

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              I’ve been dreaming, dreaming about you, about us.
Colour Me Sterek (x)

#36 for Andi

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"If you give me that dopey look every time I hold your arm in public, I’ll stop doing it."

I’m swimming in denial h ei lp

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Daniel Sharman in The Last Days of Edgar Harding

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i finally caught up with high speed 2. kisumi is everything i imagined him to be

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Art by せつなの
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Conclusion:  Eruri need to get married, STAT.

(manga by Pechiko / scanlation by konekojita)

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…most of all, I’d like to have all the time there is just for you, for thinking about you, for breathing in you.

— Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena

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Get it together you  two. 

W.I.P. I suppose (it’s been a while since I’ve drawn something). Rewatching the episodes and I just want more bonding (understanding) between them. Ugh. Hope S3 will deliver that. 

In the meantime, I’ll stick to this :


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NaruGaa Month: Modern! Verse

In which Naruto and Gaara are good friends from school/work/whatever.

Naruto is a boisterous knucklehead who drags the anti-social, slightly creepy Gaara everywhere with him and back to his house every afternoon to hang out, where they play games and eat ridiculous amounts of ramen and listen to music and stuff. Gaara has trouble sleeping usually, but somehow he can’t help but feel relaxed and at peace in Naruto’s presence, so he always ends up falling asleep when he’s over, especially when they listen to Naruto’s music together.

Naruto just smiles and stays with him, and keeps listening himself. Sometimes he covers Gaara with a blanket, sometimes he draws stupid stuff on his face…he’s just really happy that they found each other.




arghh i’m a bit late with this theme ;o; hope it’s still okay